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"Freedom & Opportunity are the gifts that I have received from America, and how I live and use these privileges is my gift to Her." 

 Danny Nguyen

As YOUR voice in Washington, Danny commits to:
* Support and Defend the Constitution
* Defend our Civil Liberties
* Preserve, Defend, and Enforce National Sovereignty
* Reduce the Size of Government
* Seek Accountability and Transparency
* Protect Property Rights
* Secure the Border
* Cut Wasteful Spending
* Balance the Budget
* Limit Regulations and Unfunded Mandates

Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity

America’s founders warned us of the dangers of excessive government and the inevitable abuse and tyrannical oppression that follows. Our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness comes from God, not from government. We MUST remain vigilant against attacks on our civil liberties, our representative government, and our individual freedoms! These dangers are not made up, they are not figments of imagination, they are very real - we simply cannot afford apathetic thinking, the time is NOW to stand up and take action!
I have seen firsthand what life is like living under an oppressive regime where freedom of speech is not allowed. This is why I studied so hard to learn English and master public speaking. I recognized that I needed to be able to communicate these principles with others. Dissent allows a checks and balance system within the market of ideas. The entire purpose of free speech is the freedom to talk about unpopular things; if not, there would be no need for its existence.

Accountability and Transparency

Economic Policy

 As your Congressman, I vow to fight against establishment politicians, lobbyists, and corporate welfare schemes that compel crony capitalism and encourage malinvestments that we all end up suffering from. We must demand a sound currency, a balanced budget and a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

Regulatory Burdens

The Government's excessive spending and over-regulation is an enormous economic burden, creating unwarranted barricades to entrepreneurs and small business owners, who not only seek to be self-reliable, but whose enterprise facilitates the opportunity for others to also succeed. The first amendment enables entrepreneurial ambitions as we are given the ability form our own ideas and challenge the status quo. 

Small businesses are the backbone of our nation and a lot of candidates talk tough about protecting these crucial economic engines. Through my business ventures in commercial real estate, I have helped hundreds, even thousands of people in earning their own economic prosperity and the chance to accomplish their own dreams. We MUST reduce government regulations that intrude on our efforts to pursue prosperity and self-sufficiency.

Debt and Spending

Our national debt is almost $18 TRILLION - an UNACCEPTABLE curse we are foolishly flinging upon the future of America. It is absolutely immoral to leave such a burden to our children and grandchildren. We MUST practice fiscal responsibility and balance the budget by eliminating unnecessary spending, subsidies, and bureaucratic barriers.

Foreign Policy

Respect for Sovereignty 

First and foremost - I am a sincere advocate for freedom and the inalienable rights granted to us by God. These precious principles must be locally established through self-determination of which can only truly thrive within a free-enterprise system.

One of the perhaps most difficult realizations we face as Americans is that democracy, freedom, and the American spirit are not exportable. What’s more is that we ALL end up worse off when we choose force, as it is well established that occupation of one’s homeland by a foreign entity inevitably leads to blowback.  

Free Trade

If the 21st century has taught us anything, it is that PEACE and PROSPERITY occur through mutually beneficial interactions. Free trade among nations ensures a reciprocal relationship of shared interest in which peace is the primary component.

The government should NEVER dictate or hinder the amazing accomplishments that have historically bloomed from uninhibited ambition, producing some of the greatest achievements in mankind's existence. Government has no business interfering with entrepreneurial and technological discoveries that may be our only hope for generations of tomorrow. 

Domestic Tranquility

National Security

Ultimately, we must realize that we do NOT have unlimited resources; therefore, we as a nation must prioritize our actions, weighing the very real opportunity cost when making decisions like adequately ensuring our military capabilities, preserving sovereignty, and choosing economically sound and efficient solutions.


If we truly want to compete not only nationally, but on a global level, we must allow competition in our educational system. Under the current policies, schools are forced to focus on a goal of simply maintaining financing from the government, an incentive that is unrelated and detrimental to actually educating students.

Textbooks and ‘truth’ have become too politically and ideologically motivated. These educational materials should not be used for methodical indoctrination that monopolizes information, thought, and speech, but rather accounts of undiluted truth, scientific discoveries, and historical accuracy- no matter how uncomfortable such truths may be.


For both national and sustainable economic security, our energy policy must consist of a portfolio of resources. Trade relationships create commonality and otherwise unlikely alliances that enable peace and incentivize self-reliance.

State’s Rights (10th Amendment)

Executive overreach endangers the very concept of states existing as 'laboratories for democracy'. It is crucial that the Federal government not confuse unrepresentative bureaucratic institutions with the time-tested wisdom of localities and their ability to govern themselves most efficiently. As such, we must also reject Federal policy that burdens states with unfunded mandates.

NASA & the Ellington Spaceport

I understand the importance of our space program, especially with this exciting industry located in our own backyard. The next class of astronauts will be to us what the Apollo mission was for mankind. I support the future of NASA and will work to ensure a climate that is facilitative of private entrepreneurial adventures in scientific exploration, International Relations (IR), and public-private partnerships.

Much like the inherent yearning we all have for freedom, space exploration has a way of uniting people on behalf of a shared passion which allows them to accomplish something greater than the restlessness and conflicts here on Earth - a beautiful testament to the folly of division.

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